Independent Testing Labs FAQ's

​​Will independent testing laboratories have a mobile unit?
No; the facility, equipment, and staff required to become an accredited testing facility will require a permanent location.

When will information about independent testing laboratory registration be posted on the website?
The independent testing laboratory registration form is posted here on the MCA's website. Please refer to Section 10.62.16 of the regulations for details on the other registration requirements.

Will details about testing methods and specifications be forthcoming from the Commission?
​Yes, the MCA created a guidance document titled The Technical Authority for Medical Cannabis Testing.

Are Independent Testing Laboratories registered with MCA allowed to sub-contract?
No. Each ITL must have a Scope of Accreditation that covers all aspects of medical cannabis testing as required by the MCA.

Will MCA require Independent Testing Laboratories to participate in proficiency testing?
Yes. Each ITL will be required to participate in bi-annual proficiency testing from an approved proficiency testing vendor to satisfy accreditation requirements. In addition, MCA will require Inter-Laboratory Comparisons (ILC) at various times throughout the year.

What is required to become an Independent Laboratory registered by MCA?
An Independent Testing Laboratory that has interest in testing medical cannabis in Maryland must be registered with MCA as well as maintain accreditation status with an ISO 17025 Accrediting Body.

Will the Independent Testing Laboratories registered by MCA be posted on the MCA website?

Yes. ITL's will be posted under the Independent Testing Laboratory section of MCA's website once registration has been issued from MCA.