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 Industry Licensees & Registrants

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For a current list of licensees participating in the Adult-Use Market​, click here

For more clarification regarding pending transfers of ownership and payment of conversion fees click here.

Attention: The Cannabis Reform Act of 2023 creates the framework for adult-use sales in Maryland beginning on July 1, 2023. In order to participate, existing businesses must convert their current medical license to a new standard cannabis license. Converted licenses will be valid for five years and will authorize businesses to grow, process or dispense cannabis to patients and consumers ages 21 years or older. Licenses that do not convert will not be able to operate beginning on July 1.

The legislation will take effect upon being signed by the Governor, which we anticipate will occur in the coming weeks. MCA will send important information regarding license conversion requirements and the adult-use market after the bill is signed. All communications will be distributed to the business contact listed in Maryland OneStop. Please check to ensure that your contact information is up-to-date in OneStop.

Responsible Vendor Training (RVT)(formerly CDAT)

​​​​Licensee Guidance



Reporting Requirements


​​​Helpful Forms for Licensees & Regis​trants​​​​
-Request for Modification/Renovation of Premises​

  • Licensees must use this form prior to making any renovations, changes or modifications to an MCA licensed facility. No major renovation or modification to a licensed premises shall be undertaken without prior approval from the MCA.

A licensee (Grower, Processor, Dispensary) or Independent Testing Laboratory must submit this form along with the change of location fee ($500), to request MCA approval to change their business location. COMAR (A)(10)(b)

Note: A licensee may not begin cultivating, processing, or dispensing medical cannabis at a new location until they have passed all inspections. COMAR,,

  • A registrant (Security Guard Agency, Secure Transport Company, or Waste Disposal Company) must submit this form to notify the MCA that their business location has changed.
  • A licensed processor must submit this form to the MCA, after placing an order to acquire hemp and before accepting delivery of the hemp.
  • Information regarding the acquistion of hemp can be found here​
  • Questions regarding the acquistion of hemp may be directed to mca.labs@maryland.gov​

A licensee must use this form to notify the MCA of any reportable legal action taken against the license or manager but also for its parent, affiliates and subsidiary entities.​

A licensee must submit this form for a request to transfer ownership to be considered by the MCA. A proposed transfer may not take effect until the MCA has approved the transfer.

The MCA will not review a request to transfer ownership until the transferee has paid the required fee. All transfer fees must be sent to:

Maryland Cannabis Administration
Attention: Ugo Osoh
849 International Dr., Ste. 450
Linthicum, MD 21090

​Please direct any questions to mca.reporting@maryland.gov​

A licensee must submit this form prior to entering into a management agreement. A proposed transfer may not take effect until the MCA has approved the transfer.

The Commission will not review a request to transfer control until the transferee has paid the required fee. All transfer fees must be sent to:

Maryland Cannabis Administration
Attention: Ugo Osoh
849 International Dr., Ste. 450
Linthicum, MD 21090

​Please direct any questions to mca.reporting@maryland.gov

More information regarding Transfers of Ownership and Control can be found in the Guidance Document​​​

A licensee must submit the Organization, Ownership and Control Disclosure Form:
  • Annually on or before July 1;
  • Upon request by the MCA.
The form must be accompanied by a completed Capitalization Table. Template Capitalization Table.xlsx

​A Licensee or Registrant must submit this form to:
  • Update its mailing address;
  • Appoint a new authorized point-of-contact or update contact information for an existing authorized point-of-contact;
  • Request a change to its legal name (including conversion from a LLC to a corporation, etc.); and/or
  • Request a change to its trade name.
An entity acquiring a licensed entity or a license pursuant to a transfer request that has been approved by the MCA must submit this form.
If appropriate, MCA will issue a new license to reflect the updated information after processing the form, obtaining any requisite approval, and receiving payment of the $50 license fee.​

​This form can be used by a business that wants to register with the MCA to work in conjunction with licensed growers, processors, and/or dispensaries. 

  • ​Ancillary businesses that may register with the MCA (linked here)​:
    • ​Security Guard Agencies
    • Secure Transportation Companies​
    • Waste Disposal Companies
    • ​​​WHAT TO EXPECT​: The Ancillary Business Registration Review Process
      • ​(Step 1) Registrants submit an Ancillary Business Registration form
      • (Step 2) During the 30-days following​​ a FACIALLY COMPLETE submission, MCA staff will review the ancillary business registration form.
        • PLEASE NOTE: MCA staff will not respond to inquiries regarding the status of a submitted ancillary business registration form during this 30-day review period.
      • ​(Step 3) After the 30-day review period has concluded, MCA staff will inform the business's designated primary point-of-contact whether the submission is facially complete. Submissions will not be considered facilely complete if they do not contain all of the information the MCA requested and requires in order to evaluate the submission.
    • ​​WHAT YOU’LL NEED TO PROVIDE: (We encourage you to preview the registration form in order to better prepare required information and documents)
      • ​General Information about the Business - Business name(s), address, contact information, business information, and authorized point-of-contact information. 
      • Incorporation/Formation Information - Incorporator/Founder details, Maryland SDAT, Status of Good Standing.
      • Business History - General information, diagram of premises and designated areas, diagram of limited access areas, diagram of security equipment areas, agreements with anyone who will share in the profits or proceeds of the business, conditional or contingent agreements related to profits/sales/etc
      • Security Plan – A security plan, including protocol in the case of an emergency. 
      • Ownership Structure - Detailed ownership information, details about previous or existing cannabis licenses or registrations anywhere, details about previous or existing cannabis business ownership anywhere.
      • Criminal History - Details about any previous or existing legal matters the business, owners, or employees have been involved in.
      • Financial History - Details about any existing or previous payment delinquencies, existing or previous violations of trust or security law (documents to show resolution of the issue), legal matters the business or any of its members have been involved in the previous five (5) years, audited/unaudited financial statements for the past two (2) years, financial statements for the past two (2) years, detailed list of operating and investment accounts, detailed list of outstanding loans and financial obligations.
      • Business Plan - Detailed long-term operating plan, including facility description, scope of activities, budget and resources, operations timeline, employee working conditions/benefits/training, any other documents to demonstrate business’ ability to quickly and successfully enter the market.
      • Required Uploads (if applicable):
  • ​This form can be used to register or deregister a secure medical cannabis transport vehicle with the Commission. (This form is not applicable to vehicles used to transport or dispose of green waste or to deliver medical cannabis to patients or caregivers) COMAR 10.62.18
  • Secure medical cannabis transport vehicles that transport medical cannabis and medical cannabis products between licensees must:
    • ​be owned or leased by a licensee or secure transportation company
    • conceal medical cannabis or products containing medical cannabis from view or identification from outside of the vehicle AND be equipped with either:
      • ​a secure area within the body or compartment of the vehicle containing solid or locking metal partitions, cages, or high strength shatterproof acrylic; OR
      • locked and secure storage container(s) anchored to the inside of the vehicle.

-Advertising - Audience Composition Da​ta Submission

This form is used to submit audience composition data for review by MCA.  A cannabis advertisement may not be placed on television, radio, internet, mobile application, social media, or other electronic communication or print publication unless at least 85% of the audience is reasonably expected to be at least 21 years old as determined by reliable and current audience composition data. 

A cannabis licensee can use this form to submit audience composition data for review by MCA prior to running an advertisement.  For this purpose, submission is optional.  If a licensee submits audience composition data for review by MCA, MCA will attempt to complete review and offer an opinion as to whether the audience composition is at least 85% individuals who are 21 years old or older within 30 days.  Some reviews may take longer depending upon the complexity and volume of the data submitted. 

MCA may request a licensee to submit the audience composition data for an advertisement at any time.  In such a case, the licensee must use this form to submit the requested data.

​Audience composition data is the information collected, usually by the advertising platform, about the demographic make-up of the audience.  Audience composition data can come from surveys, ticket sales, web analytics or other sources.  A letter stating a conclusion that the audience is 85% or more individuals aged 21 years old or older is not audience composition data.

​A determination that the audience composition data shows that 85% or more of the audience is 21 years old or older is not an approval of the content or any other aspect of the advertisement.

​For additional information, please review MCA's guidance on advertising restrictions.

​-Green Waste Log​
-Complaint Form​ (Complaints can be filed anonymously and discreetly)
​-Criminal History and Financial Attestation 


Advertising FAQs​ 
Growers FAQs
Processors FAQs
Dispensary FAQs
Independent Testing Labs FAQs
Secure Transportation FAQs

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​​Independent Testing Labs 

Information for Laboratories

Stability Testing/Retention Sampling
If you have any questions or need further information regarding independent testing laboratories registered with MCA​ please contact Scientific Support via email: ​mca.labs@maryland.gov​