MMCC COVID-19 Updates

MMCC COVID-19 Updates and important Information​
The MMCC is working with our state partners, including the Maryland Department of Health, to provide medical cannabis businesses, caregivers, patients, and providers with information on the COVID-19 pandemic in Maryland. As of March 19, medical cannabis businesses continue to operate in the State. However, patients and caregivers are encouraged to limit the number of dispensary visits, and businesses are encouraged to conduct home and on-site deliveries, to limit potential exposure for employees, patients, and caregivers.

The MMCC has also released a series of Bulletins aimed at limiting potential exposure for employees, patients and caregivers. As of March 19, the MMCC has implemented the following measures:

  • Authorize telehealth for written certification renewal.
  • Suspend requirements for patient signature at point-of-sale or to complete the patient attestation form.
  • Suspend high-risk transmission activities, including deli-style sales and sniff jars.
  • Extend agent registrations set to expire until 30 days after the state of emergency is terminated.
  • Authorize on-site delivery (e.g. to parking lot).
  • Encourage businesses to temporarily reduce or stagger staff, alter business hours, implement enhanced cleaning and disinfecting procedures, and utilize mobile or order-ahead features, delivery or onsite delivery, or similar methods of reducing overcrowding.
  • Encourage businesses to post Maryland Department of Health COVID-19 signage.

Bulletin 2020-005 address issues such as prevention, cleaning recommendations and a “What You Should Know about COVID-19” hyperlink to the Maryland Department of Health “COVID-19 Updates” website.

Bulletin 2020-006, which targeted more to our licensees, addresses how licensed dispensaries and their agents can protect themselves and slow or eliminate the spread of the virus by relaxing certain rules related to delivery of medical cannabis.

Bulletin 2020-007 addresses a registered provider’s rule that requires they have a face-to-face consultation when recertifying patients.

Bulletin 2020-008 distributed to our licensees touches on the topic of social distancing and the special requirements imposed on our licensee to implement practices and procedures designed to protect the patient as well as the individual agent.

Bulletin 2020-009​​​ addresses temporary exigent procedures for registering new grower, processor and dispensary agents.

Bulletin 2020-010​ informs MMCC Licensees of Governor Hogan's or​der requiring all non-essential businesses to close as of 5PM EST. Medical cannabis licensees are designated as essential businesses and may remain open.

Bulletin: 2020–011​ The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission is providing this bulletin to update certifying health care providers and patients on temporary certification practices permissible during the state of emergency. This bulletin supersedes Bulletin 2020-007 – Written Certification Renewal issued on March 17.

Bulletin: 2020-012​ The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission is providing this bulletin to update licensees of the Emergency Order regarding, Physical Distancing Measures and the Use of Face Coverings that will take effect, as of April 18, 2020.

For additional information, please see the Department’s webpage: and the CDC’s Novel Coronavirus webpage:


IMPORTANT: Due to the Coronavirus, our office building is closed until further notice. At this time, MMCC Public Information Act staff are working entirely remotely. This may impact our ability to respond fully to a request within the statutory deadline, particularly if the requested information includes records held exclusively at MMCC offices. For any request relating to on-site records, MMCC will respond fully within 30 days from the date the state of emergency is terminated. 

MMCC will make every effort to contact each requester within the statutory deadline to provide a more complete assessment of when and/or how the agency anticipates it will be able to provide a full and final response including the production of disclosable records that are requested.