Public Information Act Request Summary

Public Information Act Request Summary


It is our pleasure to serve as custodians of government records and we are here to provide access to all requested records unless the requested records fall within one of the exceptions of the state statute. As the Maryland Cannabis Administration, we are custodians of patient records and are subject to confidentiality and HIPAA Privacy Rules. 

Please note, be as specific as possible in your request, including information such as the name of the record and record date. We are not able to compile research, custom, or unique reports. Please understand there may be fees associated with this request. If fees are associated with this request, you will receive a written cost estimate for approval, along with remittance information, prior to the request being fulfilled.

**Please "click here" to search the list of frequently requested reports, documents, information- you will likely find the report or information that you are searching for. ​​​​​​​​​​​

Please click the links to search for 2015 redacted processor applications​ and growers applications​.

To reach the PIA contact person, please email mcapia.request@maryland.gov​​​​.  You may also submit a new request via U.S. mail to:

Maryland Cannabis Administration
849 International Drive, 4th Floor
Linthicum, MD 21090