The mission of the Maryland Cannabis Administration is to provide a safe, equitable, and accessible medical and adult-use cannabis industry for qualifying patients and adult consumers. ​


To collaborate with stakeholders in fostering a high-quality and inclusive cannabis industry that serves as a national model.

 About Us

The Maryland Cannabis Administration (MCA) is the agency responsible for regulating the cultivation, manufacture, testing, and distribution of medical and adult-use cannabis in Maryland. The major responsibilities of the MCA include:

  • Licensing – license and register cannabis businesses, agents, patients, and caregivers.
  • Compliance – conduct routine announced and unannounced inspections of licensed and registered businesses to ensure compliance with safety and security requirements.
  • Education and Outreach – develop educational resources to help inform applicants, licensees, patients, consumers, policymakers, and partners across the state on cannabis laws and regulations and safe and responsible cannabis use. 
  • Policy and Research – adopt regulations that govern all industry activities, including establishing health, safety, and security standards for the cultivation, manufacture, testing, and distribution of cannabis.   

The MCA has several offices, including Budget and Procurement, Communications and Outreach, Compliance and Regulation, Human Resources, Information Technology, Laboratory Services, Policy and Government Affairs, Patient and Consumer Services, Public Health, Data, and Education, and Resource, Enterprise, and Diversity Investment. Each office provides critical support to the agency and helps facilitate a safe, equitable, and accessible market that benefits all Marylanders. ​

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