The mission of the Maryland Cannabis Administration is to provide an equitable, safe and accessible medical and adult-use cannabis program for qualifying patients and adult consumers.   


To collaborate with stakeholders in fostering a high-quality and inclusive cannabis industry that serves as a national model.

 About Us

The Maryland Cannabis Administration (formerly Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission) was established in 2014 to develop policies, procedures, and regulations to implement the medical cannabis program and ensure medical cannabis is available to qualifying patients in a safe and effective manner. In 2023, the Administration became an independent agency, that now oversees all licensing, registration, inspection, and testing measures pertaining to Maryland’s medical and adult-use cannabis industry and provides relevant program information to patients, adult consumers, providers, growers, processors, dispensaries, independent testing laboratories, and ancillary businesses.

The Administration has nine major departments – Compliance and Regulation, Communications, Budget and Procurement, Information Technology, Human Resources, Policy and Government Affairs, Research and Education, Medical Cannabis Registration, and Product Testing and Laboratory Compliance. We depend on a full-time staff of more than 100 to provide needed services to patients, adult consumers, providers, caregivers, and Maryland businesses.

Volunteer Opportunities

MCA has internship opportunities available for qualified individuals.